How to manually update Remix Mini?

If your Remix Mini is stuck at 'Remix OS' logo and you can press F2 command to get into the recovery mode, then you need to manually flash Remix OS ROM file onto the device by following the instructions below.

In doing so, you will need the following:

1. USB 2.0 thumbstick drive formatted to FAT-32
2. Remix OS Installation Package (available at

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Download the USB flash package (please don't extract) to any standard USB 2.0 thumbstick.

2. Insert the USB into Remix Mini and restart it.

3. Press the F2 key to enter Remix Mini's BIOS Setup process before the Remix logo is being displayed.

4. Choose “apply update from usbhost storage”.

5. Choose Remix OS Installation Package and Press the Enter key.

6. Choose ‘“reboot system now” while Remix OS has been installed.


If your Remix Mini is stuck at 'Jide' logo and the F2 command doesn't work, then you need to try out the tutorial below. 

You’ll need the following:

  • A Windows PC
  • PhoenixSuit, a flashing tool that allows you to manually flash Remix OS onto your Remix Mini (available at
  • Remix OS img file (available at
  • ADB tool (available at
  • A USB-USB cable
  • A straightened paper clip or a SIM card eject tool

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Install the ADB tool

2. Double click on PhoenixSuit_EN.V1.0.8.msi to get the installation started. You will be guided through their installation instructions.

3. After the installation finishes, you can run PhoenixSuit by double-clicking the PhoenixSuit icon on the desktop.

4. Click ‘Firmware’ to enter the firmware flashing interface.

5. Click ‘Image’ to select the Remix OS img file.

6. Connect your Remix Mini to a power supply.

7. Connect your Remix Mini to the PC via a USB-USB cable. NOTE: The cable must be plugged into the top USB port.

8. Insert a straightened paperclip or a SIM eject tool into the reset port found in the back of your Remix Mini.

9. Once you feel the paperclip or eject tool hit a ‘wall’, you’ll need to keep pushing and maintain it’s position while re-plugging the power adapter into your Remix Mini until PhoenixSuit starts the flashing process.

10. In some cases, PhoenixSuit will give you an error message. However, please check the display that your Remix Mini is connected to. If you see the Remix OS logo boot up, your flash process was most likely successful.

11. Bon Voyage!


*Please do not disconnect your Remix Mini when the flash process is going on.

**Please keep your HDMI cable connected during the entire process so you can see if flashing Remix OS was successful.


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