Why is my update downloading so slowly?

If your update is downloading slowly, perform the following actions to troubleshoot your System Updater.

1. Your network speed can affect the speed of your update. Faster network speeds will result in faster downloads, vice versa.


2. Check your current version of Remix Mini. If the current version is too old (i.e. you haven't updated in a while), the update package will be larger, resulting in longer download time.


3. If the progress bar fails to show or run, please see your current version of Remix OS. The download server could be running slowly due to the size of the installation package.



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    Kwan Kok Foong

    Just received the mini And was trying to update it. My office has a 20meg line and speed test results proof that.

    But my update was around 15kb/s....

    Too many users updating?


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    Jesse “JESSEFL8” Afolabi

    Yes that is most likely the case but your system should auto update itself (provided you have auto update turned on) once the load on the update server reduces.

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