What radio frequency does Remix Mini support?

Remix Mini currently supports 2.4GHz frequency and 802.11b/g/n networks.

Remix Mini currently does not support 5GHz frequency.


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    Jamie Sanger

    Man i hope you introduce 5ghz support. its the far superior band for streaming due to less interference with other devices e.g. microwave, bluetooth

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    Steven Tysl

    yeah I hope they'll come up with a new mini that will support 5Ghz I was surprised it only supports 2.5Ghz bands I hope they'll make another one that will support AC at least. You would think they would've added dual band AC 2.5Ghz isn't the best especially for streaming content and on top of that the ethernet is a Fast Ethernet 10/100 and not a gigabit ether 10/100/1000 now that was shocking, considering mostly everything is gigabit ethernet.

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