Does Remix Mini support touch screen monitors?

It really depends on the touchscreen monitor you have in mind.

So far, of the touchscreen monitors that we've tested, the following work well:



Dell P2714T 27"

Acer T272H


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    Jared Kempson

    So I am using an ACER T232HL and it seems everything works except the Remix OS desktop? (all other parts of the OS and apps work just not the desktop?) for example if I longpress on the walpaper I get no menu

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    Nick Colford

    I'm using an AOC I2272PWHUT (bought in the hope that it might be the European version of the AOC E2272PWUT which Jide have already demonstrated successfully). It doesn't work. The only thing that responds to touch is the 'notifications' button inthe bottom right of the screen. When I touch that the icon becomes partially greyed out but there is no further response.

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    Frits Konkelenberg

    How can I get it working with the Acer DA220HQL touchscreen ?

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    I have Elo computer that has a touchscreen feature, I just installed Remix os in it and its working fine, but the touchscreen is not working. how can I make it work? is there any driver I can use to enable the touch screen feature.  


    Thank you for your help.

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    Zeeshan Abid

    Can you please update touch screen drivers for Lenovo X201 Tablet? it would be a pleasure :)

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    Brian Dooley

    Works on Hanns G HT231. Amazing stuff Jide, many thanks.

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