What are the steps of the initial setup of Remix Mini?

The first time you plug in your Remix Mini, you will automatically enter into the initial Setup process.

(As your Remix Mini starts up and you see the Remix logo flashing in the middle of the screen, you are given the option to press F2 to enter into recovery mode. We strongly recommend you do NOT press F2 unless otherwise instructed to do so by Jide staff or unless you are very confident you know what you're doing in recovery mode.)

Here are the steps you'll be asked to take to Setup your Remix Mini:

1) Select system language - You'll be asked to select from the following languages for the initial Setup process:

  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese

This language selection only affects the Setup process. After you've completed setup, you can still choose the local language of your choice.

<How do I select my preferred language on Remix Mini?>

(You may also select a localized keyboard layout by clicking on 'Select your keyboard layout'. This will bring you to 'Setup keyboard layouts' where you can select other keyboard layouts.)

After you've finished selecting your language, please click on 'Next' to move on to the next step.

2) User agreement - Please read carefully the terms of our User agreement and Privacy policy.

If you agree with the terms, please click 'Next' to move on to the next step.

3) Adjust display area - Please follow the instructions and use the slider to optimize Remix OS for your screen.

Please click on 'Next' to move on to the next step.

4) Wi-Fi setup - Connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. Click on 'Ethernet' if you'd rather connect to a wired network.

<How do I connect to Ethernet with my Remix Mini?>

<How do I connect to Wi-Fi with my Remix Mini?>

(If you do not have a keyboard available during Setup, we suggest you click on "Enable on-screen keyboard" so that you may still enter your preferred network password during Setup.

If you are using a numeric keypad on a physical keyboard, please make sure 'Number Lock' is turned on if your password has numbers in it.)

After you've chosen your preferred network and entered the necessary information, please click 'Connect' to move on to the next step.

You may also click 'Skip' if you prefer not to connect to a network at this time. Skipping this step will not affect your initial Setup.

5) System update - Remix OS will automatically search for an available update.

<Why does my system update seem so slow?>

You may also click 'Skip' if you prefer not to update your system at this time. Skipping this step will not affect your initial Setup.

Congratulations! You have completed the initial Setup process. Enjoy your Remix Mini!


  • Avatar
    Devan Clegg

    My product is stuck on the language screen. Please help it shows both mouse and keyboard are connected but it wont allow me to click next.

  • Avatar
    Geoffrey Druelle

    Is there a french translation or not (enought frenchies to develop it) ?

  • Avatar
    Patrick Henry-Lucet

    @Geoffrey : a translation of... ?

  • Avatar
    Joe Harden

    Setup wizard went smoothly until the software update. Sat for many minutes until it finally timed out and offered a skip button. Would be nice to have the skip button from the beginning. Once I was at the desktop the internet connection was working fine and the update worked smoothly.

  • Avatar
    Stan Palmer

    Unable to get past language screen,trying to connect with 1byone BT keyboard with trackpad with no success.Do I need a plug in mouse?

  • Avatar
    alex huber

    Same here. I'm stuck on the language selection.
    Arrows keys are working, but I can't select any thing.
    No mouse visible.


  • Avatar
    alex huber

    Okay, it kinda works after hammering the enter key randomly.
    Now I chose my languages, but still not able to get to the next screen. Can't select "next"

  • Avatar
    Elio De Angelis

    how can i start my remix mini in recovery mod if at start the screen is black?

  • Avatar
    Adam Edwards

    I can not get past the flashing Remix logo.
    ** Have got it to work.

    Edited by Adam Edwards
  • Avatar
    Carl Schmidt

    Screen rolls and will not stop. Unable to use the kybd but will recognise Japanese.... Everything was working fine until the last update. On Screen typing is a real pain!!!! Help!!!

    Edited by Carl Schmidt
  • Avatar
    Joan R. Serra

    I have English and Chinese language only (settings->language) ... I thought that I will set spanish language !?

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