How to hide or show the taskbar in Remix OS?

The taskbar is shown by default on Remix OS. To hide the taskbar, position your mouse pointer on the taskbar and right-click on your mouse. The 'Hide taskbar' button (  ) will appear above the taskbar. Clicking on it will hide the taskbar.

If you'd like to show the taskbar after it's been hidden, position your mouse pointer over the area where the taskbar would normally be. The 'Show taskbar' button (  ) will appear where your mouse pointer is. Click on it to show the taskbar.


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    Andrea Piovesana


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    Fergus Neff

    Phew - that was helpful; I lost my taskbar on my Ultratablet for 15 minutes!!

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    Jason Zheng

    @Fergus Neff @Andrea Piovesana Glad you found this helpful! #RemixOn

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    Tony Jin

    i can't force it to hide, plants vs zombies 2 needs it to be turned off or it will have problems knowing where i am touching

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    Sami Albabtain

    your solution does not work for most games. there needs to be another option to manually hide the taskbar or change its position to the sides.

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    jeffyStreet 123

    Hello, I can't see anything about the taskbar in the display settings.

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