What can I do with the File Manager on Remix OS?

Listed are some unique functions and features:


  • File manager can be opened in multiple instances.
  • Files can be moved around and managed by dragging them from one folder to another folder.
  • When viewing files, users can adjust display layout and arrange files by name, type, size or modified date.
  • Users can also create new folders, rename folders, and search for particular files by clicking 'Search' and entering content.
  • When a document is selected, users can use copy, cut, paste, delete, preview and share via other channels and also choose other options to open document or create desktop shortcuts.


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    Andrea Piovesana

    well done boys!

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    Grand Ccx

    For display, it would be great if "folder" where display first. If you have a lot of file, mixing folder and "standard file" is very hard to look for
    Thank you for your job

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    Austin Nielsen

    This is just for the remix mini, I'd really like to see the exact same os on my remix ultra tablet.

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    Yves Guittard
    • The micro SD card is not accessible from your File Manager. I have to use Astro Manager on Google Store instead.
    • I would appreciate a lot be if it was possible to create shortcuts of files (movies, Office documents, etc.)
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    Jason Zheng

    @Andrea @Grand Ccx Thanks for your support! We will pass this information onto our UI team. @Austin We recently made Remix OS 2.0 available on the Remix Ultra Tablet so you CAN enjoy this exact same OS on Remix UltraTablet. RemixOn!

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    Austin Nielsen

    YAY! Thank you soo much!!

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    Serafí Lliteres Maçanet

    How can we transfer files between an Android device and the Remix mini via USB?

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