How to set the date and time?

Go to 'Settings' > 'Date & time'.

You can choose to set date & time to automatic/manual as well as set the time zone.

You can also choose to turn on/off 24-hour time format.


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    Stephen Hannaway

    It would be great to have options for US time zones for US customers.

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    Łukasz Hajnc

    Tere is no time zone for Poland

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    John Wesley Pruitt

    hi no time zone for berlin only +9 or +10 areas I can use freedly

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    Jason Zheng

    @Stephen, sorry for the super late reply! In the time zones tab, you will see several US cities in different time zones (e.g. New York, Chicago, Denver, Honolulu etc) so please feel free to choose one from there which has the time zone that you want. Does this help?

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