How can I use the USB ports in the back of my Remix Mini?

There are 2 USB ports in the back of your Remix Mini.

You can connect any USB peripheral to your Remix Mini. Some great peripherals and accessories to consider are:

  • USB external hard drives
  • USB wireless keyboard & mice
  • USB flash drives
  • USB webcams
  • USB hubs to expand the number of USB devices you can connect



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    Don Deppeller

    I got too frustrated and gave up on my Mini for awhile, but the email notification for Teddy's comment reminded me I need to try to do exactly what he is talking about.  I KNOW there simply must be an app to allow us to drag-and-drop, but I haven't been able to find it.  I probably could've swayed at least two people to purchase a Mini, but I might've killed those sales because of this issue.  It's highly important, and we all use computers to consolidate and store our files in an easily-accessible environment, and this one problem is HUUUUGE.  Please help us out here on this, Jide Tech Support!  My once-proud Mini is gathering dust behind my laptop.

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    iconcept model 49252dm usb webcam is not recognized by skype, why doesnt it see it how can i fix it?  Are there such things as drivers with remix or just plug and should work?  thanks!

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    Mi Lo

    Great question Brendan because I have two Android tablets, a and a Surface RT2.

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    teddy clifton

    Yes as Jide tech support indicates YOU CAN connect many things to your Mini via the USB ports. HOWEVER what you can do with some of them once connected is another matter. For instance you can connect an external HD and provided the stored data etc is in a compatible formatt you can READ it and access it. HOWEVER you CANNOT write to it for additional storage.Thus the 1 or 2 GB is ALL the storage you have PERIOD. That really limits the Mini's use in my opinion.It soon becomes full with APPS and that's the end of it.

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    Tyrd Ferguson

    @Jason Zheng or Remix Tech Support - I just hooked up via USB an external hard drive to my Remix Mini and I see exactly what teddy clifton describes above. I am not able to write anything to it, although other programs that I use recognize that the hard drive is there.

    Unless I can rectify this, I'll be dumping my Remix for a different Android Box real soon. Please help!



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    Emmanuel Rault

    I bought a simple UVC compatible camera to skype (logitech webcan C270).
    Skype does not recognize the camera as a video device but accepts it as a micro.
    The strange thing is that the app called CameraFi recognizes the camera for video and sound input but it seems that this is the only app doing so.
    Any idea how to force Skype to accept the webcam for video call?

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    Don Deppeller

    I bought an SSD hard drive to use with this new Mini, and it's USB 3.0. Can I expect any problems, since the Mini has USB 2.0? Also, any recommendations of particular peripheral hubs? If we're to use wireless mice, keyboards, hard drives and even DVD/disc drives, what should we know about connecting as many as we might need? Is there a limit? Might we need some type of add'l power source for those peripherals, especially a hub?

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    Will it be able to communicate with other Android devices via MTP and/or ADB over USB?

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    Jason Zheng

    @teddy clifton, @Don Depeller - First, apologies for the lateness in responding. Secondly, writing to external drives is now supported. I'm not sure if you guys have had a chance to try it out again, but a previous update had addressed this issue.

    I really hope this helps!

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    Darren Duffy

    Hi - 

    Have a Logitech C920 webcam, how do I get the webcam to work with the remix mini?

    Would appreciate any assistance. 


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    Alvin Chin


    Check the specs on UR SSD external drive. Should be backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

    If U go over to Facebook, there is a discussion on USB powered hubs. Believe they work on the Mini.

    Don't know about external CD/DVD players. I have one but haven't had time to figure out how to use it. Got an external power support for it by accident. Thought I needed it to power my HDMI to VGA adapter, for use with my desktop PC monitor. Turns out it was not compatible with it. Besides I can get audio thru the adapter :-)

    Please read the posting at the top of this thread for details on other USB devices that work with the Mini.

    Good luck and have fun !

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    Alvin Chin

    Both of my USB ports stopped working. Do I need to do a reset of my Remix Mini PC ? And how do I do it without using USB ports ?

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    teddy clifton

    I hope that your plea and the importance of this function on any computer that wants to survive beyond being just a flash in the pan or worse just a toy will be heard and acted upon by Jide. However given the multiple frustrations of trying to get tech support to even comprehend  any issue is the very first issue they need to address if they want to create and build a customer/user base. So far i don't see it.

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    I just bought a mini as a gift.  I included a logitech web cam, C270.  It better work with SKYPE because the support is terrible, as shown in this thread.  No support reply since July 07, 2016 06:33.  What's up with that??

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