How to search for apps on my Remix Ultratablet?

The Search function allows you to search files, applications, and the web on your Remix. Here’s how to search:

  1. Tap or click App Search () on the Taskbar and enter what you’re searching for. Alternatively, you may also click F8 key to open the Search bar. As you type, you’ll see search results and suggestions. (If you’re using a keyboard, you can just start typing at the Desktop).
  2.  If you see what you’re looking for, tap or click it to open it.
  3. To see more results, including web results, tap or click the Search button.
  4. On the search results page, tap or click a search result to open it.

Search includes items from the web (like webpages and videos), files from your Remix and apps.

- Keyboard shortcuts: Double-tap CTRL to open search
- You can just start typing while you’re on the Desktop (you don’t have to open the Search).


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