Does Remix Mini respond to keyboard and mouse inputs for video gaming?

Yes, Remix Mini will support control inputs from keyboard and mouse for games that are optimized for keyboard and mouse. You can also connect game controllers to your Remix Mini for your gaming pleasure. We'll also be testing many of the most popular games on the market and will continue to work and optimize them for keyboard and mouse controls on Remix Mini.


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    Rishab Srivastava

    This answer helps for now, thanks!

    Ideally, in the near future, I would like to rely on my keyboard and mouse ONLY for gaming. Those were the good old times of Desktop computing, when me and my fellow nerd friends would play First Person Shooters such as Counter Strike via the accurate Keyboard/Mouse combo.

    But until Jide or the Remix developer community figure out a work-around for Android games to detect the keyboard/mouse as devices for Hardcore games, I might purchase a mobile gaming controller, or just not play games on my Remix Mini at all for now.

    I look forward to the updates! Loving being one of your first group of customers on this platform! Thanks!

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    gg gupta
    Sir how i can setup keyboard shortcuts for playing temple run
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    how to config rotation buttons ( for keyboard ) to collect coins in temple run .. PLease Help Reply Early as possible


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    Since the update 2.0.611 a key mapping function has been added which might be the thing thats everyone looking for who wants to play games on their remix mini using keyboard and mouse.

    Actual release note: ( )

    Jide has also provided an instructional video on how to use it.
    Video located at (

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