How to report bugs?

1. Open the 'User feedback' app found in your app drawer.

2. Type in your email address and describe the issue in detail. 

3. Choose to 'Include your system log file' so we can better troubleshoot your issue.

4. Click "Submit"


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    David Campbell

    Does this user feedback app actually exist?  I can't see it.

    And if we have a problem with networking drivers, how do we report an issue when it can't connect?

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    David Johnson

    I have a Samsung Android phone and a Samsung tablet and I am able to pair up with the remix using the Bluetooth butt it's not showing connected when I try to connect to the remix the Bluetooth icon will appear and then go away when they're trying to connect therefore I cannot use any of the Play Store remote apps as a remote control

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    Johnny Munn

    Needs updating this page too.

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