How to manage icons on the Taskbar?

Click on the 'Hide/Show' button (  /  ) on the Taskbar to hide or show 'Memory cleanup', 'Bluetooth', 'Sound' buttons, etc.


To pin an app, go to the app's button in 'Start menu' (  ) and right click on the app. Select the 'Pin to the Taskbar' option.

To unpin the app, right-click the closed pinned app on the Taskbar and select 'Unpin'.

NOTE: Dragging an app from desktop to Taskbar creates a shortcut of the app but doesn't pin it.


To turn on 'Back Button',  you need to go to 'Settings > Experimental features > Show back button on the Taskbar' and turn on the feature.


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    M. Wolff

    Can we make this to a permanent setting please, after next boot or restart the buttons should be not in 'Hide' status again

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