How to take screenshots?

Click on the 'Screenshot' icon (  ) to activate screenshot function for users to select the size and location of screenshot.

Click (√) to save your screenshot.

Click (X) to cancel your screenshot.

Click <insert icon> to share screenshot via selected app.


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    Andrea Piovesana

    can you link a small video?

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    Don Deppeller

    Why not just say "click on the notification menu bars to the right of the clock on the task bar, and when it opens up, look at the icons across the bottom where you'll see the crop tool icon"? Most of us newbies won't even know where to find that icon.

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    Carlo Ricchiardi

    ... and also the "insert icon" icon is silly... :-)

    Edited by Carlo Ricchiardi
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    Mochammad Nur Hidayat

    i take screen shoot but the result is black. no pict in it.

    any suggest for fix it ?

     my laptop toshiba satelite A105 using windows 7

    Edited by Mochammad Nur Hidayat
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