How to manage my Ethernet connection?

You can turn on/off Ethernet.

Go to 'Settings > Ethernet' and turn on Ethernet. Then, connect an Ethernet cable to the back of Remix Mini.

To disable Ethernet, turn off Ethernet in settings or disconnect the Ethernet cable.

You can manage the Ethernet connection mode.

There are three connection modes:

  • DHCP mode 
  • Static IP mode
  • PPPoE mode

You can also view current Ethernet connection information.

  • MAC Address
  • IP address
  • Gateway
  • DNS1
  • DNS2
  • Mask Address



  • Avatar
    Belouad Bilal

    i cant find ethernet proxy settings

    Edited by Belouad Bilal
  • Avatar
    Subhra Das

    Without proxy configuration for Ethernet it is quite unstable.

  • Avatar
    Rith Chau


    Are these connection modes available in Remix 3.0? I am unable to connect to the Internet via Ethernet and can't seem to be able to locate these connection modes. With Remix 2.0, I was able to connect after changing the connection mode to static and assigning it a local IP address.

  • Avatar
    Jhotay Alo (Alo Kito Ondhokar)

    there is no ppoe seetings on remix  2.0.6  please fix

  • Avatar
    Shashank Garewal

    Please add proxy setting in Ethernet.

  • Avatar
    Hereb Aspoon

    The lack of proxy settings for Ethernet are keeping me from using Remix OS 3.x, please enable support

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