How to manage my display settings?

In order to manage the display settings of your Remix Mini, you need to go to 'Settings' > 'Display'.



Select customized wallpapers (File manager will appear upon selection.) or System wallpapers (Click to choose from the wallpapers provided by system).


Display sleep

You can choose the length of inactivity that puts the display to sleep. The length ranges from 15 seconds to never.

The shorter the time interval, the lower your power consumption will be. The longer the time interval, the higher your power consumption will be.



Remix OS currently only supports 1280x720 50Hz/60Hz and 1920x1080 50Hz/60Hz.

If you're not sure which one is optimal for your screen, clicking on a resolution will trigger a preview of the setting.

You'll have 12 seconds to cancel or confirm and restart. If you don't choose within 12 seconds, you'll automatically go back to 'Resolution' window.

Note that if you choose a different resolution from your current one, you'll go through a restart of your device to activate the new resolution setting.


Adjust screen area

Use the slider to adjust the screen area of your desktop on your screen.




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