How to manage my applications?

Go to 'Settings' > 'Applications'.

You will see a list of the apps running on your Remix device.

Click on the app you'd like to manage. In it's app management menu, you can manage:

  • Full screen mode
  • Storage
  • Cache
  • Permissions


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    Doug “DiRT” Turner

    Is it telling me how much free space I have or how much space I have used?

  • Avatar
    Deni Pauro

    Hy why aplications dont have permision to write on sd card directly?

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    Jason Zheng

    @Deni - this is something we're looking into, but some of the issues will range from app to app. However, it's on our todo list. Thanks!

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    Jason Zheng

    @ Doug 'DiRT' Turner, Sorry for the super late reply! When you open the applications tab, it should show 'Internal storage: xxGB/ 12GB' which tells you how much space you have used from your total available storage. Thanks!

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