How to use the power jack on the Remix Mini?

Plug your AC power adapter into the power jack to connect your Remix Mini to a source of electrical power.

Plugging in the power adapter also automatically turns on your Remix Mini.


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    Kenneth B Leung

    i really think the power cable is too short....

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    Nils Schwappacher

    Can I turn off the automatic start on power?

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    kisho bhars

    no way to contact by asked for it...

    pls answer following

    a. do you NOT give a proper ac / dc adapter in the box for the Mini ?
    your mini webpage says nothing about this.

    b. your spec says nothing abt SD card. say something. esp, max size,
    class 4 or class 10 or faster.

    c. can mini connect to 2 TB ext hdd ? these hdd have their own power.

    d. what about USB for printer ? you will do this when ?

                   or forget about it ?

    e. can i access bios on mini ? show bios page pls. how to access bios ?

    f. have you stopped making mini ? why so hard to find in asia ??
    in thailand, go talk to big C, jib co th, power buy, etc please.

    g. on your website, pls show step by step for basic changes... like, how to add, change language..etc.

    h. what about writing /.doc ? what app can support this ?

    i. what about calculations, / xls what app can suppor this ?

    seeems like good item, waiting to get and try one day.

    good luck and happy new year.

    kisho bhars

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