What are the different security/screen lock options for Remix Ultratablet?

You can select your choice of Screen Lock options by opening Settings > tap or click Security > tap or click Screen Lock under Screen Security. There are a total of five Screen Lock options available to you:

  • None (requires nothing to access Desktop)
  • Slide (default setting, requires user to swipe from the bottom edge of the screen upward to access Desktop)
  • Pattern (requires user to connect dots in a user-generated pattern to access Desktop)
  • PIN (requires user to enter user-generated 4 digit numerical PIN)
  • Password (requires user to enter user-generated password)


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    Kevin Segedi

    Can't set pin code. On my remix tablet with latest OS, 1.5 B2015100901, trying to set a pin code freezes at the confirmation. Settings freezes and I have to restart to get settings to work again.

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