I'm having issues with connecting my Remix Mini to a screen/monitor. What can I do?

Remix Mini currently sets a resolution of 720p/50Hz as a default setting out of the box. You can connect Remix Mini with HDMI cable. You may need to source a converter if your monitor only supports VGA/DVI/DisplayPort/etc.

If your screen or monitor doesn't support this resolution setting, Mini will not be able to display during setup. While we are currently working on an auto detection function out of the box, please try the following work around for now:

1) Hook up your Mini to a screen that you know supports 720p 50Hz.
2) Go through the setup process and set resolution at 1080p.
3) Then, reconnect your Mini to your preferred screen.

If your issue is with the 1080p setting, please make sure to try out both the 50Hz and 60Hz settings since this will make a difference with some screens.

Again, apologies for any inconvenience caused. If the above doesn't help, please send us feedback through the User Feedback app (round yellow smoochy face in the app drawer) as this will auto-generate a system log so that our engineers can troubleshoot your issue more effectively.


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    Thomas Schaller

    Thanks for this workaround but I could get it to run on my Acer S220HQL monitor only when using the VGA input (720p). DVI is not working with any resolution setting.

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    Takács József

    Benq G2222HDL on DVI (with HDMI to DVI converter adapters or cables): No signal on any resolution and frequencies, on D-Sub works with any resulotion but my D-Sub conveter has bad quality and the image isn't crisp.

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    Just bought Remix Mini..

    But I have only one monitor: AOC E1670s (plus hdmi to vga converter) and it say input is not supported :(

    Have no budget to buy new monitor, now I can't use my Mini.

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    zagitariuz zodiac

    Morning Guys and Gals. I just got my remix mini. I was not prepared for these, so i just hooked it up with my old acer lcd. Like you all, I have the same problem, “input not supported“ ita annoying floating around the screen.

    Since i can boot into remix, the problem is saving the setting to 60hz. Everytime clicking the button “Confirm and Restart”, the remix will revert back to 50hz.

    So my solution,
    1- Set again to 60hz
    2- click Confirm and restart
    3- immediately after clicking the Confirm and Restart, pull out the hdmi cable from the remix mini
    4- wait at least a minute or at least it boot to os, i know there is no screen to look at, just wait
    5- if you confident its already boot up completely, reconnect the hdmi to remix mini
    6- wait for a while and “Voila” or “eureka” it works (for me atleast). Hope it helps.

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    Familia Roman Martinez

    televisor Philips 30PF9975 / 12. Sólo tiene puerto VGA

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