Remix OS Update: Netflix Fix

Remix OS version: 2.0

Build number: 5.1 - B2015110601

Device: Remix Mini

Release date: 11/18/2015 

  • Fixed issue that caused Netflix not to play videos





To see the previous update:


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    Chris Wiseman

    When are you going to send out update to fix ultratablet? Since the last TWO updates it has been complete!y unstable.

    It reboots randomly. It is slow to react. It fails particularly in file manager and video players with freezing and very often mid play will freeze or the screen will break up, buzz and split into black and white flashing. Working on photos likewise.

    No apps are stable, not even the original supplied apps. 

    Much more than a year now. You have blasted on and forgotten your first machine. The ultra was a bad design with very inadequate speakers and with no reset button in the current state makes the machine useless to use other than to stand as a still picture frame. I have to use my very much superior lenovo. 

    Yes I am angry. Give me back the one and a half years you owe me!

    Chris Wiseman

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    sanjay kwatra

    netflix doesnot work  

    Please Help


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