What file formats can Remix Mini read from my external hard drives?

Remix Mini currently supports file formats of FAT, NTFS and Ext.





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    Ba Tho

    Dear Team!

    My USB (for testing) I format at exFat, and Remix mini dectect flawlessly, but my external hdd 1TB (WD) has the same format, but Remix Mini doesn't detect it.

    So is it limit the capacity lower 1TB?

    Thank you so much

    P/s: I have to use at exFat format because I have to use both Mac/Win

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    Colin Crowley

    If your external HD is not self powered the Remix Mini does not see it. There is no power (or not enough power) being sent thru the USB ports on the mini. So only external HD's that have a power plug work with the Mini.


    But I'm just an owner of one.....

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