I have forgotten my password for my Remix Mini, what can I do?

If you have forgotten your password, there is no way to retrieve it. To access Remix Mini again, user has to reset the device.


This will erase all data previously stored.

Remix OS Version: B2015102401 

How to reset:

1. Restart Remix Mini

2. While it's booting, under the Remix logo, the text "Press F2 to recovery" will show up

3. Press F2

4. Choose "wipe data/factory reset"

5. Choose "Yes"

Note: "Press F2 to enter Recovery system" ONLY works on version B2015102401 and versions after 2.0.100.


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    So, if i am not on this software version, what can i do? F2 is not working. My password isn't working. I'm stuck.

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    Alexander Vainstein

    F2 shows up but now allows you to go to recovery mode. I need to reset my device for different reason, I cannot launch my Settings and not able to install anything from Google Play store, I am also stuck.

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    Hmmm... I'm having a similar issue. I also have the Remix Mini 2 of them but it's the Remix Tablet that I have, that I'm having a problem with. It reboots all on it's own several times a day. It says "new update" then reboots itself. Well two days ago, It rebooted by itself again, only this time, it got hung up on the Logo. The Logo just continues to flash. I've tried several things, power off then on, held the volume button up while pressing the power button, to go into reboot mode, selected reboot. Selected power off, selected fast reboot and forced reboot. Tablet still will not turn itself on, just continue to hang on the flashing Logo. I even went into "No Command" mode. Selected several options t have ere also. The only thing I didn't select was the hard reset "delete all data". I just turned the tablet off. After 48 hours of just constantly flashing the Logo and starting to get really hot. I've had this Tablet since the kickstarter campaign ended. I have to much info "valuable information" to be trying to do a hard reset. I use the tablet for my business. I have sent several emails to the Jide Support team, and no one has been in touch. I guess they just don't give a fuck. And yet I purchased 2 Remix Ultra Tablets and 2 of the Remix Mini's

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