I'm having WiFi connection issues. What can I do?

Please note that the first generation of Remix Mini only supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) wireless networking.

If the WiFi connection shows "time out", please try the following solutions: 

1) Change the WiFi router channel - There are 14 WiFi channels in the 2.4GHz range and we only turned on 13 because there is one channel that conflicts with usages in certain countries.

It's possible that changing the WiFi channel on your router will solve your WiFi connection issues. For your convenience here are some links of widely used WiFi router brands and tutorials on how to change WiFi channels on their routers.

Linksys -
Apple -
D-Link -
Netgear -

2) Turn off your Bluetooth - It's possible that your Bluetooth is interfering with your WiFi signal.

Try turning off your BT and re-connecting to your WiFi. After successfully connecting to WiFi, you can turn your BT back on.

3) Try switching from DHCP to Static Connection on Remix Mini - Go to Settings > WiFi > forget your current WiFi connection > connect it again > click Advanced Settings > change your IP setting to static.

4) Turning off and then turning on your WiFi may help.



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    Henry Ashley-Cooper

    Wi-fi simply doesn't work for me, making the device virtually useless.

    I tested my wifi connection with 3 other devices (2 android, 1 windows) and they work perfectly.

    Signal strength is excellent, and the other devices have no problem in this location.

    I have tried the above suggestions, and none helped.

    I tested my password is accurate by deliberately entering the wrong one, and ReMini gives me the error 'Authentication problem'

    If I enter the correct password, ReMini has an endless loop of connecting/authenticating/scanning.

    Not impressed

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    I don't get why I can just return it, I don't want to wait for all winner to release a patch to fix this, my wifi just doest work, it more frustrating knowing anything you do won't make it work.

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    Gabriel Nicchio
    I'm having the same problem here. It works just a few minutes in the first time and when I try to use Update the Remix, use Chrome, Play Store or configure account or email: 1. Forever loading screen or 2. It says "timeout, check internet conectivity/problem communicating with servers/other error/etc". Tested the internet with another devices and my wifi is working just fine. So basically it's 90's again or I just bought a piece of rock. How do I get a refund?
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    Troy Lauffer

    Christ, wish I would have come in here before buying mine. Same problem with no help in sight.

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    Troy Lauffer

    Tried changing to static, it greys out the connect button. This is beyond irritating.

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    Bob Dobbs


    1) Temporarily establish a WIRED network connection between your Jide Remix Mini and your modem/gateway/router/access point -- using a trusty ethernet cable. Note: If distance is an issue, consider using a Powerline Ethernet Kit or Wireless Ethernet Bridge.

    2) Update your Jide Remix Mini -- click on Notifications menu (bottom right corner ruled-lines icon) -> Settings (lower right hexagonal icon) -> Update -> check for update(s) and/or install update(s).

    3) Repeat Step 2 until you have the very latest OS and kernel versions -- your WiFi problems should now be solved. Note: You may need to 'Forget' an existing WiFi SSID and then re-establish a new WiFi connection.

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    M Maizcurrena

    I've got the latest updates and my Remix mini is unable to obtain IP address. Before system update it was able to connect to the Internet though it was amazingly slow. Now it gets stuck when connecting. I did a modem reset this morning. also reseted the device. It worked for a couple of minutes. I'm quite worried. Hope this will have a solution soon. 

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    M Maizcurrena

    After reading all the above I thought I had the same problem cause the device said signal strenth was good but I've been doing more tests and when getting nearer to the router everything seems to be right. So maybe it's just that the remix mini needs a very good signal to work properly. Well this is not a major issue, just a minor one.


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    M Maizcurrena

    Trouble with wifi connection seems to have some relation to signal strenth and maybe other factors I haven't figured out yet. This morning with no one else connected around the house it seemed to work acceptably (or almost acceptably) well.


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    Abhinav Kushwaha

    Mine is constantly scanning for wifi and not being able to show wifi list. I manually added my ssid but it is still not connecting. What should I do?

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    Um Nontasuwan

    My Remix mini have no Wifi MAC Address and can't turn on.

    I can turn on before but can't connect. After update (by ethernet), Wifi device has lost :(

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    Dave Adaska

    10/17 Update:

    • Tested with two other routers and wifi still won't connect.  The two routers were at two different friends homes and they both have different router manufactures.  I have been able to connect wifi to cell hot spots.  Not sure why the remix minis have problems with routers and do not have problems with cell phone hot spots.  Any ideas Jide support?

    I have two remix minis.  Both of the latest OS updates using ethernet cable to connect to network.  Both of them are able to connect to my cell phone hot spot using wifi but not my ISP router.  I have tried all of the recommended fixes provided in this thread.  

    My router supports both 2.4/5 ghz.  I have devices that successfully connect to both 2.4/5 ghz.  The only devices that cannot connect are my two remix minis.  

    It would be great if jide could provide a fix for this issue be it with the integrated wifi or allow exterrnal usb wifi to be supported.


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    Benigno Daquinta Gómez

    IF I have a destok PC legacy how i can use USB wifi because not have driver installer to remix os......and my Pc dont have wifi internal

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    David de Graeve

    For pc i use vmware desktop for os remix x86 intalled with ext4 like here

    i've found a good thing working on os remix like android for the resulotion now i can change my resolution all time at boot (max 1152x864x32 supported

    but you can stretch or not and change your resolution windows for 1290x960 if u want for a screen 23'' looking like 16/9 youtube detect 720p (enable direct 3d and vram in vm settings for hudge perfermances) disable also nVidia power saving for vmware

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    David de Graeve

    i've fix my wifi on os remix installed like that .disable efi in the bios (work only with os remix 64 bits i think (but i think it's because i was in gn in my box g help well like change the cannal

    launch your windows dvd,or usb create max 4 partitions with the number one having 500 mo(for efi boot) with one partition for widows like that it will create her boot in 2 windows switching in 3 and a new 4 for os remix after reboot puting your dvd os remix and push down before tab .remove all until quiet for put INSTALL=1 pushing enter after choice modify create partitions take your partition os remix created with windows and push delet after new primary bootable and write yes quite after push on the partition bootable of os remix formating in ext4 and choice all time yes after choise reboot and choice in your bios efi yes ...os remix will be started most quickly ..take root browser in google market for open with rb text editor in system/ect/ and add down at MacBookAir6* | MacBookAir7*) like here

    and save ,reboot your pc .

     install windows witouth efi and if you want boot on widows disable efi ,if you want boot on os remix enable efi (sorry for my english

    you can see there my 2 video for fix wifi.. installing completely os remix with windows (os remix run with ext4 without waiting time at boot for decompresse elf for fix intel p-state causing slowdowns also(shrill whistle)sorry for the quality and my english




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    Sim Y

    Hello. I have wlan issues with multiple remix minis. They manage to connect to the network, however the speed is very poor and they often loose connection. This is regardless of the router being in 5 meter range. How can I improve this?

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