Remix OS Update: B2015110201

Hey Remixers!

The first OTA update to reach Remix Mini users is here! It's been pushed out to around 10% of the activated units and will reach all Remix Minis by the end of the weekend.

Thank you for the feedback that helped us in developing this update!


Remix OS version: 2.0

Build number: 5.1 - B2015110201

Device: Remix Mini

Release date: 11/12/2015



  • New: When a system window becomes inactive, the title bar text now goes grey.
  • Fix: Music stops when entering sleep mode bug has been fixed.
  • Optimization: System interface for mouse clicks and mouse feedback.

File manager

  • New: User interface of File Manager has been refined.
  • New: More shortcut keys are now supported. (e.g. Ctrl+N, Ctrl+A)


  • New: Emptying the Recycle Bin now shows an empty bin.


  • New: Keyboard arrow keys are now supported in Settings windows.
  • New: Wi-Fi networks are now listed according to their signal strengths.

User feedback

  • New: Users can now directly contact Jide support through the User Feedback app (round yellow smoochy face) found in the app drawer on the taskbar.




  • Avatar
    Thomas Loke

    I don't see how useful emptying the recycle bin is when I cannot delete any desktop icons in the first place.

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    MyMini Remix

    Is my Mini messed up in the way it looks at the Version to update itself?
    On the System update window, says Remix OS 2.0 B2015111201.
    Yet looking at all the versions there is none that match my mini version.
    I see B2015110201 and B2015110601 so is mine wrong or ???

  • Avatar
    Jason Zheng

    @Thomas Loke - Perhaps this thread can help until we fix this issue.

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