How to enable USB debugging on Remix Mini?

You can use a Double Male USB Connector to connect Remix Mini to a PC for debugging purposes.

1. Go to 'Settings > About > Build number' and click on it seven times.

2. Wait until the "No need, you are already a developer!" message pops up.

3. Go back to 'Settings > Developer options > Debugging', and turn on both 'USB debugging' as well as 'USB0 device mode enable'.

4. Plug the Double Male USB Connector into the upper USB port.

You are now ready to debug.


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    That kind of USB 2.0 A-to-A cable can/must be used - all pins wired or not? If all pins are wired is it save to have a connection if USB0 device mode is disabled?

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    Clancey Aggen

    Hi I have enabled the USB debugging option but my usb 3.0s are only working with some devices like usb flash drives, my device that I am trying to use is not being recognizeed. The Device I am bridging is a DJI Inspire one remote controller, it is designed to work the just about any android phone running 4.1.2 or higher and usb debugging has to be enabled in order for it to work, I know my stuff (remote/drone work as I use just about every day with a small samsung phone for a wile, I am intersted in a bigger screen with touch screen , I have included some pictures of the setup. 

    Hope this Helps you help 

    Clancey Aggen


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