How to re-size browser window?

1. Click the menu button on the right hand side of the address bar.

2. Click on 'Request desktop site'.

3. The web page should now reload in desktop mode.

4. If this doesn't work, click on the address bar and press 'Enter' on your keyboard to force reloading of the website.

5. It may not work for certain websites which auto-direct to a mobile site URL (e.g. again. In this case, you should input the origin URL again after choosing 'Request desktop site'.


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    Jesse “JESSEFL8” Afolabi

    I've found the full-fledged Opera browser to work best with my remix Mini is lighter than chrome and also has a single toggle in its settings to make whatever site you visit to open in desktop mode...compared to chrome and other browsers that require that you "request desktop site" for every new tab that you may open..

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