How to solve the issue of Remix Mini keep losing Ethernet connection?

1. Open ‘Settings > LAN’.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and check whether your Ethernet is connected to the correct IP address.

3. Try to turn on and off the Ethernet again.



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    Glen Mah

    I'm having this issue as well with my wired ethernet.  It'll work for a while, but then once it goes to sleep it refuses to work unless I power it off and back on.

    Is there a fix for this?

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    Stephan Struckmann

    Hello, thank you for the great piece of hardware and software. Unfortunately, I have the same problem. For the Ethernet connection dis- and reconnecting the rj45 cable helps for me, software based turn off and on again of the network interface alone does not help. However, a bug fix would be very appreciated, because currently the box is unusable for my family, since fiddling around with the cables is no solution.
    Thank you in advance for fixing it even though working on the next box already. Stephan

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    Johnlee Raine

    This effects me at least once a week.

    When I wake my mini from stand by mode I have to turn off Ethernet, then turn it back on. Sometimes I need to turn wifi on and off too.

    Note, i use a manual IP address.

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    C Keller

    Finally stopped using the mini as my connection to my TV.  It loses internet connection every couple of hours, but my tablet, connected to the same WIFi, is not having any issues.  I can't use it in this state. 

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    Adriano Maia

    At least for me, that is a "hit and miss" situation. It has worked once, but all the other times, only physically disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet cable makes it work again. And I've also had to reboot to get Ethernet connectivity back.

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    Justin Nordmeyer

    Any real solutions jide? I have to reset my device once every other day due to this issue. Auto config ip doesn't help either. I know the ethernet cable is fine because it will run my laptop fine. Also, when turning off and on ethernet on the remix, all ip and and values get set to

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