How to change font size to have large text ?

You are able to choose a larger font size by going to "Settings" > "Accessibility" > "Large text".

We will provide a new feature as experimental function to change text and icon size in different level.


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    Could you increase it even more? I run Remix Mini as HTPC connected to a beamer with 800x600 resolution. Its still hard to read ;)

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    After the last update this feature isn't available anymore !!!!!

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    Mike Ehrlich

    I also need to change font size. I am using my PC on the sitting room TV and the screen text can't read from the couch. I have latest update, no text adjustments.

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    Harvey Hase

    This is the next thing which shows us all as bad the support of jide is. No answer, only a mail I should send a screen shot. I have asked them, what kind of screen shot the want have, but .... as ever, no answer !!!!


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    Ka Zak

    Hi All ,

    I found a way to enlarge text and icon size

    under Settings ,, Experimental features ,,

    Set the Zoom Level .

    But it says , This function is only available

    in 1920 x 1080 resolution .

    I'm also using Remix OS version 2.0.621 .

    ( Hope this helps ,, :) .. )

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    Yes, I know, this feature is available since the last 2 updates. But have you tried it ? I think this feature is not usable, because the whole screen will zoomed out, so the working space get's smaler.

    I really can imagine why the a standard feature of Android is removed. I see no reason why and I also see no reason why it isn't implemented again. 

    But that's the worst JIDE support !!!!!

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    Jeffrey Stark

    grey text and small print is unreadable from a distance.  I have it setup on a 40 inch tv and it's very difficult to read.  The font and color combination the OS uses makes it even harder.  1.7x in experimental isn't sufficient in any way because you are going up to a much higher resolution (smaller stuff by default).  My family not being able to read this easily Makes this useless.  

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