Why does my monitor have no sound output through HDMI connection ?

1. Make sure your monitor is available with audio output.

2. You have to connect your monitor directly with the HDMI cable without any converters.

3. Try going to "Settings" > "Sound" > "Audio output mode", re-check “Output audio signal to earphone” & “Output audio signal to HDMI”.

4. Try going to "Settings" > "Sound", un-check “Output raw audio signal”.

5. If this doesn't help, please submit a request from Jide Help Center with the following information of your monitor:

1) Make/model of the monitor you're using
2) Resolution of the monitor
3) Year of production
4) Serial Number of your Remix Mini


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    Larry Stehling

    this option in Settings is not available on Remix OS for PC.  I only have Sounds and Notifications under settings.  


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