Why I cannot find SD card in File Manager?

In some cases the SD card may becomes unreadable or unfindable by your Remix devices. As you find that the card is still usable, this issue may be resolved by connecting the card to a computer (Windows operating system) using an external USB card reader.

If the card is recognized when connected to the computer using an external card reader you can follow the steps below to recover your data and restore your card to working order in your Remix devices.

1. Back up all data on the card.
2. Format the card using the computer.
3. Connect the card back to your Remix device.

HINT: You can also try ES File Manager as an alternative.


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    Daryll Martinez

    My Remix Ultratablet currently has OS version 2.0.302 and recently purchased a 64Gb SD card specifically for my tablet. My SD card (new, never used) does not show up under File Manager -> Settings. When I eject it from the tablet, it gives me a message, "Removed SD Card" and when I insert it, it gives me a message, "Preparing SD Card. Checking for errors." But other than these two messages, I can't seem to access it at all and it's quite frustrating. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide. 

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    Xavier XO

    It's rather disappointing that the Remix team is using elementary explanations as a solutions methods. Format the card? How about the Remix Team work on having it work again. I say again because in Remix 2 - the external SD cards worked. No formatting needed. Now they DO NOT! 

    Remix is an awesome product. Remix Team needs to step up the CS interaction with users otherwise you'll lose out to a copycat OS that may not work as well but who's community of problem solvers is guided by the efforts of its creators and developers. 

    I know it's a free app. Because it is free doesn't not mean there should be less concern about it's proper operation. As users, we didn't have a voice in your decision to release a free product. If free means no support, then please charge! 

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    I have a similar experience. "File manager"  does see the SD card and after a while, after the tablet fell asleep (idle) and wakes up again, the sd card is gone. With errormessages the card has errors or is removed all of a sudden... taking it out and sticking it back does not make difference then.

    I am running Remix 2.0 on a Chuwi 10 Pro dual boot.  Windows has absolutely no problems with the card.

    The SD card itself is partitioned first partition Windows NTFS, Second for Remix FAT32.

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    Mmmh.. after testing and testing.. now I have a gut feeling it is the 'File Manager' App itself that is causing this bug.

    It appears to only happen when File Manager is opened. Also when openen once myself, it appears to have opened several times during the 'sleep'.

    After wake up, several File Manager instances appear to have opened. All stating it could not query for files...

    It does (or till now, did) not happen while no File Manager is active in the first place. Hence my conclusion, Filemanager is causing this.

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    Dim F

    +1 as above.. Have exactly the same problem with File manager instances as described by Pieter when running Remix 2.0  on Onda  Obook 20 Plus dual boot.

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