Remix OS Update: 2.0.104

Thanks to all the feedback and the testers out there for helping us build this update.

Moving forward, we'll name Remix OS by version number instead of build number.


Remix OS version: 2.0.104

Device: Remix Mini (RM1G)

Release date: 12/16/2015



  • New: Remix OS serial numbers are upgraded. Serial numbers now show the current version of Remix OS.
  • New: Users can now apply to be an internal tester by going to "Settings" > Update > Click on ··· > Options > Enable "Testing version".
  • New: System can now collect user's monitor information in order to improve Remix Mini's compatibility of monitors.
  • New: Recovery system now sets the resolution of 1280x720 as default.
  • New: Users can now use Recovery system to clear display settings.
  • New: Users can now switch display signal by using hotkeys Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F5/F6/F7/F8. This update will help when monitors do not support default display settings.
  • Fix: LED light would not turn off when Remix Mini was powered off.
  • Fix: Unable to enter Recovery system by pressing F2 when booting.
  • Fix: Screen freeze might occur when certain apps were playing videos.
  • Fix: The "loading" bar would go back to 0% during OTA update of initial setup.
  • Fix: Certain system stability issues.
  • Optimization: Improved system performance.

System User interface

  • New: When opening an app, a flashing animation will show on the taskbar.
  • New: Users can now turn on or off 'Fullscreen mode' of a window by right-clicking on the app in the app drawer and on the taskbar.
  • Fix: The title bar on Chrome windows disappearing sometimes is now fixed.
  • Fix: Window compatibility issues of certain third-party apps are now fixed.
  • New: Adjusted the position of the wallpaper when taskbar is hidden.


  • Fix: Error in file size when downloading OTA package.
  • New: Users are now able to adjust screen area after switching monitor resolution.
  • New: Input methods will be automatically activated upon installation.

File Manager

  • New: Information of the file will appear when users move the cursor towards the top of the file.
  • New: "Rename" option is added to the right-click menu.
  • New: Users can now preview PDF files in File Manager by pressing Space key after selecting the file.
  • New: When users try to empty trash, a window will pop out to confirm such operation.
  • Fix: Users will not be able empty trash if Trash is already empty.
  • Fix: Dragging files to an external drive resulted in moving the file instead of copying the file is now fixed.
  • Fix: Deleted files failed to appear in Trash immediately.
  • Fix: Crash caused by dragging files from one folder to another folder in File Manager is now fixed.
  • Fix: Display issues when the size of downloaded files exceed the available storage is now fixed.
  • Fix: Unable to show file names when searching for or creating folders is now fixed.


  • New: Users can now select multiple shortcuts by pressing Shift+Up/Down/Left/Right.
  • New: Desktop shortcuts will be automatically deleted upon uninstallation of related app.
  • Fix: Desktop shortcuts unable to align with one another after installation of app is now fixed.

Initial setup

  • New: System update is no longer mandatory.

User feedback

  • New: Users can now add attachments when sending feedback.


The Google Play Music issue is still our first priority, we have made significant progress. Click here to check out progress.





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  • Avatar
    Tuấn Phạm

    why my taskbar disappear? I can't download or do anything with my Remix OS???? What can i do to fix it?

  • Avatar
    Cameron Yan

    Tuấn Phạm

    You can go to 'Settings' > 'Display' > un-check 'Autohide'. If the issue remains, please provide the Serial Number and Build Number of your Remix Mini.

  • Avatar
    jeffyStreet 123

    I am using a "HP Mini 1000" with windows 7 and Remix OS (I plan on removing windows.) Just so you Know.

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