Will Remix OS 2.0 be released for Cube i7-Remix?

You will need to reach out to Cube's customer support for further information about the Cube i7-Remix. Jide Support is for Remix products only. Please feel free to contact Cube at for more information on supporting your Cube i7 Remix!

Thanks for understanding.


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    Jameel Harrod

        Is there any new info regarding an update to the cube i7 remix? It seems that Jide are ditching this tablet for updates, because products with equivalent hardware(Cube i10) are getting updated to remix o.s 1.5 or 2.0, while the cube i7 is stuck with KitKat. I only state this because there was an supposedly an issue with the chipset in the cube i7, that prevented it from getting the update. My question is, what is truly holding Jide or Cube back from updating the Cube i7?

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