How to change physical keyboard layout?

Here is an example of how to change your physical keyboard layout from default to German.


1. Open Settings.


2. Choose Language & input.


3. Scroll down to the PHYSICAL KEYBOARD section and find the model/name of the keyboard that you are using. For the purposes of this tutorial, we'll use Dell Keyboard.


4. Click "Set up keyboard layouts".


5. In the layout list, find the layout you want and switch it on. Then click the "Back arrow" in the top left corner of the window.



6. You should now be able to see the keyboard layout you just chose under CHOOSE KEYBOARD LAYOUT. Make sure this layout is selected and then click on the "back button".



7. Under the model/name of your keyboard, you should see the layout name you just selected. This shows that you have changed your keyboard layout successfully.


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    Bassam Bokhowa

    This is good, but after I have more than one layout installed (e.g. English and Arabic) it's not easy to switch between them from the physical keyboard. I have to keep going back to the same "Language and Input" dialog to switch. Also, there should be an indicator in the tray showing the active language in such cases. Thank you for the great work, keep it up.

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    Med Djelaili

    is there a shortcut for this

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    Slava Lavrick

    +1, guys! Using Russian and English layouts and have to go to system setting every time I need to switch them. Add a shortcut, please!!!

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    Slava Lavrick

    + when physical keyboard is used, it is only possible to switch languages for virtual keyboard from dock

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    Валерий Волошин

    +1 Need shortcut. Im using ENG/RUS, Bassam Bokhowa  English/Arabic. World is Big many lang. using. Please add shortcut in new version.

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    Angelos Chraniotis

    'ctrl+shift+space' guys, luckily with a little experimentation I found out the correct combination. 

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    Yousef Nader

    'ctrl+shift+space', it's working with me, but i want less keys to swich.

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    why wasn't persian???? 


    how to switch languge from physical keyboard?????

    please tell me


    thankkkkkkk uuuu


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    hh bkc

    Surface pro 4 i5 ,  doesnt identify keyboard's keys but touchpad  working well. how can i fix thank u for attention

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