Why is the available storage of USB flash drive less than the factory storage?

The Remix OS installation tool will partition the USB flash drive into system partition, data partition and shared partition. The available storage that you see may just include the shared partition. The available storage in the shared partition is preset to be half of the factory storage.


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    Ahmed El Sokkary

    how to uninstall it from the flash drive. because the remix os folder is not visible 

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    Yun Yeh

    OK!I found the method Using Microsoft's ''cmd''

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    Matthew Lee

    Hi Support,

    Is it possible to change the amount of space that is partitioned in each section?

    I installed this on a 8gb USB and booting resident mode seems to cut the storage space even more to 1.45gb which is a bit smaller than what I need it to be.

    Guest mode is fine no problem even after booting from resident mode there is still about 3.84gb worth of space. I don't need guest mode and need more storage space available in resident.

    Is there a workaround for this?

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