How to set resolution back to 1080p?

 1. Unplug all the cables from Mini, including HDMI, USB, LAN, Power.

 2.  Connect Remix Mini with the power cable, and then connect it with HDMI cable. 

 3.  Change the resolution again. 


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    Boned V

    This does not solve the problem. The resolution is 720p despite these indications. Using the same screen, same HDMI port and same cable, other PCs (W7, Ubuntu) work with 1080p resolution.

    Device: Remix Mini;

    Remix OS version: 2.0.106;

    Screen: Samsung Smart TV UE40ES6100;


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    I'm using a Samsung SyncMaster SA950 Full HD LED Monitor. Same problem as well. My PS3 is able to display 1080p @ 60Hz on the same monitor. However, Remix Mini can only display the default 720p @ 50Hz. Tried all available "solutions" no avail. Will appreciate if Ji De can be upfront on the challenges of getting by this problem that many users are facing... Thank you
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    Jǐngbō Hé

    have had reset a few times, doesnt help, used a another hdmi cabel doesnt help at all...

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    Ashley Bennett

    Please fix. I have to switch to another TV every time I want to change the resolution which is a pain. Even having some kind of key command to hold down while rebooting to force 1080x60 would be great.

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    Kevin Schumacher

    Worked for me.

    I unplugged everything let it sit for awhile, then plugged in the HDMI and power. Started it up and changed resolutions and after the restart it stayed at 1080p. Plugged in the network and USB after the restart.

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    Ashley Bennett

    Why not reverse the logic you have now? Have the device boot in a 1080p resolution by default and have people connect it to a 1080p screen if they need to reduce it down to 720p to use elsewhere.

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    Andrew Mallo

    This issue still persists


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    Did not change any settings on my remix mini. Then after reboot I get no support displayed on my Sanyo LCD-32E35 TV.
    -Hold power down and restart not resolved.
    -unplugged everything plug HDMI in the power, not resolved.
    -tried another HDMI port, not resolved.
    -tried on my Samsung tv where my other remix mini is currently working, not resolved.
    -held shift on boot still says no support

    Why is there no way to force a boot into a default mode?

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    I had this issue a few months ago. None of the help from Jide helped which included disconnecting everything for a while (I left it disconnected for a few days), and then reconnecting. That didn't work. Then there was an update and the problem resolved itself, until now.

    As of last week I boot into 720 and can't get out of it. I have left the device completely disconnected from everything for days and still nothing.

    The above suggestion, about booting into 1080 makes the most sense. Most users are using a 1080 device not 720. 

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    darren black

    So all my devices ( I have 4 mini's) worked just fine on their respective TV's  As of this week ZERO work. When I plug them into a pc monitor, they are all set to 720p and 50. No matter what I do, that is the ONLY screen setting I can have. As none of my TV's support this, I now have 4 mini's not doing anything, ANd a bunch of Dark TV's. I have yet to find a solution online for this.


     Is there a way to reset the mini's back to how I received them? They worked fine out of the box. It's just the updates that have slowly drug them down.


    Thanks for any help.



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    ***Update from 2 posts above***
    So I unplugged everything from the remix mini and left it for a day and a half. Hooked it back up still not supported video.
    Started to hot swap the HDMI cable to other ports while booting it up and when I hot swapped back to the source my tv was on BANG it's working. I don't know what the problem was. Resolution still 1080p 60hz

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    Thanks to you I am back at 1080p/60hz.

    In my case the TV I am using has just one HDMI port. While the Remix was on, I did the following:

    1. Unplugged the HDMI cable from both the Remix and the TV

    2. I unplugged the TV itself and let it sit for a few minutes.

    3. I plugged everything back in, went to settings then display, then chose 1080p/60hz and restarted

    4. Remix booted into 1080p/60hz.

    I hope this helps others. Thanks Craig.

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    Dickon Worsley

    My mini keeps reverting back to 720 so my TV's won't recognize it. I have to attach it to my computer monitor and every fifth try I can get the mini to restart at 1080 but on restart it resorts back to the 720 setting.

    I have not been able to use this device since I got it almost a year ago.

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