Remix OS Update: B2016030801

Hey Remixers! 

Here's a preview version of Remix OS for Remix Ultratablet users who have manually updated to Remix OS 2.0 before. If your Remix Ultratablets have Remix OS 1.0 or 1.0, you will not receive this update through OTA. You will find the instructions for downloading Remix OS 2.0 here:

Thank you for your continued support!

Device: Remix Ultratablet

Build Number: B2016030801

  • Fixed issue that caused “Google Calendar cannot synchronize”.
  • Fixed issue of glitchy screen.
  • Fixed issue where the file launcher would automatically adds app icons to desktop.
  • Fixed issue where pinned apps would disappear after update.
  • Deleted the “Open with Remix browser” option in Experimental features.
  • Optimized compatibility of third-party apps in windows mode.
  • Improved battery consumption of certain apps.


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    Paulus Satya Pamungkas

    Still having black background on my telegram chat window...

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    I am still having “Google Calendar cannot synchronize” issue with Google Calendar and any other calendar app from Google Play. Other words the issue was not fixed.

    “file launcher automatically adds app icons to desktop” is still a problem also, not fixed.



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    Greg McQueen

    Where exactly is the link for B2016030801? I have only found links to the original preview......

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    Matthias Koller

    I am on this OS version on my ultra tablet. But I am not able to start the Google Calendar app at all. Even not after I installed it manualy. After the update to this new OS version I got the error "App not installed". So installed it manualy from Google Play. But now I am end with the error: "Calendar Storage disabled - Turn Calendar Storage back on in Settings". See my feedback in this forum: But I could not find this option in settings at all. You wrote that the calendar sync is now working with this version. But how can I bring back the calendar app to work?

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    Chris Wiseman

    I have installed the latest update on my ultra tablet on 1st May. It is now version 2.0.302.

    However, the tablet is now completely unstable in video playback. The built in player which I can not identify because it is not listed in applications will attempt to play and immediately fail, returning to the user interface. I can not make any third party player as default because again there is no provision to make any other  programme as  default. 

    There are other issues.

    I emailed Jide but no reply yet for 14 days. It seems original buyers are now the forgotten ones now. Does anyone on this site ever come here now even Jide personnel?

    Anyone please answer, get me on Appreciate.

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