Remix OS for PC Update: 2.0.202

Version Number: 2.0.202
Release Time: 3/31/2016
Package Type: 64-bit version for Legacy BIOS & EFI boot; 32-bit version for Legacy boot
  • Fixed issue where Windows System couldn't be booted up with Remix OS installed on hard disk.
  • Fixed automatic time settings modification in Windows System.
  • Fixed broken OTA update on USB flash drive.
  • Improved support for certain older CPU devices which are using SSE3 instruction set (e.g. Pentium Dual-Core).
  • Improved the initial boot up time on hard disk installation.
  • Added a new App store: Amazon Underground.
  • Added a new browser: Google Chrome.
  • Added a bookmark on how to install GMS on the desktop.
  • Support for more video formats including mp4, wmf and mov.
  • Support for choosing data space in 8G, 16G or 32G.
  • Support for GPU Software simulation for those GPU which are not supported by Kernels.
  • Changed icon size on high resolution screen.
  • Enabled trackpad as a mouse.




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    Thisara Kasun

    Hi, is this release available for downloading. i checked at updater but it says 'already the latest version'. and 2.0.102 is still provided at the download page of jide.

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    Where is it?

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    Málna Kósa

    Older version didn't boot.
    Stuck on android.....blablabla.
    How can I update to this version?

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    Alan Bach

    Hi,  this new version is not working for me. I have a 1080p tablet with a celeron n2815 and an intel graphic card. For older versions, touchscreen was working, but with this versoon, the resolution seems to be 720p  and even with a RF keyboard I don't have any access. I tried to change resolution at the boot menu without success : I don't have the possibility  to  access to the proper commands.


    If it isn't possible to fix it, is it possible to stay at the 101 version without OTA?

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