How to clear data from an App?


This article takes Play Store and Google Service as examples to explain how to clear data. 


Example 1:

1) Right Click App icon in App drawer and click "App details" as shown below.


 2) In details, click "Clear data". Then this App's data will be cleared. 



Example 2:

If you cannot find an App from App drawer, you can clear data by doing these:


1) Open Settings and click "Applications"


2) You will see an App list that has all your App installed. Find your target App.



 3) After you click the App you will see details about this App and click "Clear cache" to clear data in this case. 


4) For this case, you also need to click "Manage Space" to clear all data.


5) In the next screen, you will see "CLEAR ALL DATA"





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