[Remix Ultratablet] Update 2.0.305

Build Number : B2016061701
Remix OS Version : 2.0.305


- Now supports Miracast.
- Updated Remix Central.
- Added Chrome Switcher.
- Changed the default homepage of Chrome.

Bug fixes:

- Dragging files between File Manager and external storage functions as “Cut” instead of “Copy” bug is fixed.
- Unable to use the “Enter” key in Calculator app bug is fixed.
- Unable to delete app shortcuts after uninstalling certain apps bug is fixed.
- Crashes when previewing MP3 files bug is fixed.


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    Selden Deemer

    Just finished the OTA upgrade of my Ultratablet to Remix OS 2.0, and I'm still getting up to speed. I deliberately held off until the "official" OTA update was available, and had no issues. I hadn't expected a complete wipe, but re-installing apps and getting back to where I was with 1.5 didn't take all that much time or effort.

    Is there a tutorial for Remix 2.0? I have some old habits to unlearn, new habits to learn. First impression is that Remix 2.0 has lost a lot of the rough edges of 1.5 and seems more polished.


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    John Garcia

    After upgrading, the settings menu no longer has an option to view storage. When I mounted an SD card I got a notification that said "Checking for errors" as on previous versions of Remix OS, but since there is no "Storage" option anymore I can't format my card so that it works on my Remix tablet. Will the storage option be reinstated soon? Or, how do I format my SD card on my PC so that it works right away with my Remix tablet?

    Also, when I tried to upgrade to 2.0 the screen stayed black so I had to turn my tablet on and off twice so it could work. Then the upgrade happened in less than 10 seconds, which seemed unnaturally fast. Could there have been an error during the upgrade process that caused the "Storage" option to not appear? How do I know if the upgrade process was 100% successful?

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    I upgraded my remix ultratablet to version 2.0 and unfortunately the miracast is gone.  I need this feature in the office for presentation.  ALso there is compatibility issues in my app-Inkling for my downloaded ebooks.  The pull down menu keeps on appearing when I'm using the app-Inkling. Instead of search menu, the default pulldown menu appears which interferes with adding notes and searching for topics when reading the ebooks.  Not only of the original pulldown menu which was missing in the app-Inkling but also the ADD Highlights and Notes issues which were also missing. I just hope you could fix the issue and I could not downgrade to version 1.5 anymore. 

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    Matthias Koller

    After installing this update, it is not possible via drag and drop to add any additional apps from appdrawer to the homescreen or into already crated app folders on homescreen.
    Please fix this with the next release.

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    Hadi Johan
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