Remix OS Update: B2016031607

Here's another preview version of Remix OS for Remix Ultratablet users who have manually updated to Remix OS 2.0 before. If your Remix Ultratablets have Remix OS 1.0 or 1.0, you will not receive this update through OTA. You will find the instructions for downloading Remix OS 2.0 here:

Thank you for your continued support!

Device: Remix Ultratablet

Build Number: B2016031607

  • Fixed issue that caused Google Calendar to not open.
  • Fixed issue of black screen when changing wallpaper.
  • Fixed issue that caused crash during keyboard firmware update.
  • Optimized the experience of virtual keyboard.
  • Added sound notification option when Remix Ultratablet is charging.
  • Deleted the option to change lockscreen wallpaper.


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    Richard S.

    Will the 2.0 upgrade EVER  be available "OTA", or will it always have to be done manually as described in this post

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    Build B2016031607 seem to have fixed the "Calender won't open", thanks!

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    Paulus Satya Pamungkas

    Strange, I got build B2016031604 and black background in telegram is still there..

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    John Q Hunsicker

    B2016031607 fixed Calendar issue.  Thank you.

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    Cameron Yan

    @Richard S.

    Yes, Remix OS 2.0 will support OTA in the Full Version.

    @Paulus Satya Pamungkas

    Can you find a way to boot B2016031607 on your Ultratablet?

    @Heavytc and @John Q Hunsicker

    Thanks to you guys. Let's Remix on! 


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    There are error in the middle of the upgrade. Can not complete the upgrade process.

    BTW, I have accidentally upgrade the OS to 2.0 but China rom. Anyway I can upgrade back to this version? I need english version of software and Google play as well. 

    Edited by Nick
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    Solved after got the replacement tablet

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