Remix OS Update: 2.0.203

Remix OS version: 2.0.203

Device: Remix Mini (RM1G 2G Ram)

Release date: March 17th 2016



  • New: A notification window will pop up when system updater is successfully downloaded.
  • New: System now requires user’s confirmation to download updater when using mobile data.  
  • New: A reminder of “Do not unplug power” will pop up when updating system.
  • New: Recovery mode now supports booting from flash drives.
  • Fix: Google Play Music bug is fixed.
  • Fix: Display of default wallpaper is adjusted.
  • Fix: Position of app windows under the resolution of 1280x720 is adjusted.
  • Fix: Certain third-party apps’ compatibility issues are fixed.
  • Fix: Display-flickering when watching a video in full-screen mode is fixed.
  • Optimization: Display using DVI adapters is improved. 
  • Optimization: Users can now choose to automatically hide taskbar under full-screen mode.
  • Optimization: More input method apps are now supported.

System User Interface

  • New: Users can now choose to automatically hide task bar in notification center.
  • New: Apps in app drawer are now arranged chronologically in time downloaded with newest on top.
  • Optimization: Names of apps will appear when users move the pointer towards the top of the file in the app drawer.
  • New: Power menu now supports selection through arrow keys.
  • Optimization: Improved user experience when taking screenshots.
  • Fix: Adjusted display of the VPN icon in system tray.
  • New: App drawer now supports input from virtual keyboard.


  • Fix: Non-responsive network when trying to connect to Wi-Fi bug is fixed.
  • New: Users can now crop a picture before setting it as wallpaper.
  • Fix: An option to erase all content is added to “Reset” in “Settings”.

File Manager

  • New: Users can now change wallpaper in right-click menu.
  • Optimization: System now no longer crashes occasionally when copying large files.

User Feedback

  • New: Users can now choose category of feedback when submitting feedback.
  • Optimization: Users now only need to enter email address when opening User Feedback app for the first time.





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  • Avatar
    Lucas Gomez

    Hello friends, well I'm writing because I need for my remix if there is a possibility of the Spanish language for the system and also have a tv that has
    1366 x 768 resolution and does not exist in the software so that I can better see the picture, greetings and espeor that can help

  • Avatar
    Cameron Yan

    @Lucas Gomez

    Our customer service team has sent an instruction to you via email.  

  • Avatar
    Vincenzo Angelini

    With last update (2.0.203) is impossibile to renane icons/elements in desktop. I had no problems with previous version (2.0.111).

  • Avatar
    Timothy Douglas

    Not to rush you, but are you able to give an idea of when this update will be available again?

    I'm not able to download it & was told it was temporarily taken down.

    Really looking forward to the DVI adapter fix, thanks and keep up the good work!

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