How to increase the memory size?

This is a guide on hard disk installation which has only 8GB memory size. If you would like to increase the size for storage, you can try the following steps.


Step 1. Restart your PC

Step 2. On the boot menu window, please select Remix OS and press “e” to edit the boot up command. (Note: you should not press Enter)

Step 3. In the command terminal, add “DEBUG=1” at the end of the command line.

Step 4. Press “Ctrl” + “x” after you have added “DEBUG=1”

Step 5. In the next linux terminal, you should type

    1. “cd /mnt/RemixOS”
    2. “e2fsck -f  data.img”
    3. “resize2fs data.img 16G”
    4. “exit”

Note: if you want to have larger size, you can input “resize2fs data.img 32G” in the last command.

Refer the followings figure

Step 6. Check data storage size:

  • Go to File Manager
  • Select  “Settings” in the left column
  • You should be to see a size that close to 16 GB


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    Abhishek Sakibanda

    I am using a mac book pro. How can I do it on this device?

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    Mayela Izaguirre Sousa

    Hello ! Im currently running remix on a 128GB micro sd card on my surface pro 3 but it only shows 62gb of internal storage.  Tried to follow this but I cannot find the data.img. Any way of increasing internal storage to the max please? 

  • Avatar
    cop con

    please help me. On step 3 when I type the command cd/mnt/RemixOS

    There is the warning: "the directory not found"

  • Avatar

    Is there a guide on how to increase storage size on a USB Flash Drive install?

    Also, when I try to follow these instructions on a computer install (which dual boots Win7 and Remix OS) I get different messages on the screen, not those shown in this "how to". Are those step for an older version of Remix OS? I have installed the latest one, Marshmallow.


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    Stéphane David (sdavid)

    Hello, i'm running Remix OS 3.0.206 on Surface Pro 3.

    After Step 4 my keyboard is not activated, it is impossible to type any command.

    Please, help me.


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    Eddie Leonard (Asuri)

    I keep getting;

    resize2fs: Invalid new size: 16GB

    Even though I'm using a 64GB drive. Any size I try comes back as invalid. Any help?

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    Somasundharam Thirumurugan

    Hi Team, 


    Somehow I increased data.img file size using Termux- Terminal with the same command from 16GB to 32GB. After reboot, Settings -> storage -Size showing as 16GB only. Any idea? How to get 32GB in settings->Storage?


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