Remix OS Update: 2.0.206

Remix OS version: 2.0.206

Device: Remix Mini (RM1G 2G Ram)

Release Date: 2016/4/21



  • Fix: The “Install applications from unknown sources.” option is turned off by default. Reminder to turn on the option will pop up before installation.
  • Optimization: The animation on start-up screen is optimized.
  • Optimization: System stability is improved.


  • Fix: Automatic activation of input methods after update bug is fixed.
  • Fix: System would occasionally forget the saved password for Wi-Fi bug is fixed.
  • Fix: Users can now skip Wi-Fi setup during initial setup.
  • Fix: The “Global languages” option is turned on by default.
  • Optimization: Excessive characters on automatic update and initial setup interface are optimized.
  • Optimization: The interface of Settings is optimized.


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    Daniel Knecht (DanielDerStolle)

    I hope there are 2 things they come really fast to Remix OS then this OS is really really great. I love it since the first Start :)

    Point 1 is really Important for me. I hope Remix OS Support External Graphic Cards (i have a ASUS GeForce GTX670 OC Mini) then if you have no On-Board Graphic the OS wont Start or stuck at "Checking Data partition". With On-Board Graphics it works but there are many Pixel Issues (Green and Red Pixel Flickering around) on Intel Core I5-4590.

    The Second Point is also not less Important. Add a Keymapper or something like in BlueStacks and add Mouse-Touch that we can Play Games with the Mouse. Currently it is not possible to do that.

    I have Installed Remix OS on my 2. PC on a External CnMemory 500GB USB3.0 Drive.


    Please please Fix that 2 big things then this OS has a very big Futur ;)


    Edited by Daniel Knecht (DanielDerStolle)
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    Kayowa Ogunrinde

    Good update. I can now resize and zoom my wallpaper before applying.

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    Ravipart Lee

    Thai keyboard not working :(

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    ‫ﻣﺎﺟﺪ ﻋﺒﺪﺍﻟﻠﻪ‬‎

    my remix mini not booting

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    Kevin Ngo

    Thank you!

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