Remix OS for PC Update: 2.0.205

Version Number: 2.0.205
Release Time: 4/26/2016
Package Type: 64-bit version for Legacy BIOS & EFI boot; 32-bit version for Legacy boot
  • Fixed issue where MX Player did not work on some devices. 
  • Fixed issue in Clash Royale that caused flashback. 
  • Enabled reading and writing on other hardware partition.
  • Enabled choosing the system size using the pre-installation tool.
  • Support for downloading recommended apps from the pre-installed Remix Central.
  • Added app icon of Amazon Underground to desktop.


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    Augusto Ícaro Farias da Cunha

    Great job! There a document to provide guidelines to report miss functions, like revert mouse don't working?

  • Avatar
    Hadi Johan

    How do i disable shared partitions because I'm afraid this will cause some security issues

  • Avatar
    L Lawliet

    can you fix the keymappers like Tincore keymapper following up the mouse cursor instead of the pointed location. also some games you can't control them like School of Chaos

  • Avatar
    Shyam Sankar

    does this version supports touch screen on microsoft surface 3?

  • Avatar
    Julius Tonkohlas

    1. Does not get settings from the router by cable, we have to manually enter the network settings.
    2. What did I just have not tried it with usb keyboard input in English only, even though the input switch is set to Russian (Ukrainian)
    3. When installing the system software is released under only 3 GB, and if fill in, do not install anything else. Remix OS installed on a desktop computer. DualCore Intel Pentium G620, 2600 MHz (26 x 100), Motherboard Asus P8H77-M LE, 4Gb RAM

    Edited by Julius Tonkohlas
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    Ankit Regmi

    There is only a torrent link to download remix os legacy for 64bit ..can you provide me another link?

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