How to flash Remix OS onto Remix Ultratablet?

Installing image files using fastboot


1. Make sure your Remix Ultratablet has working Fastboot and ADB

(The Easiest Way to Install Android's ADB and Fastboot Tools on Any OS)


2. Download images

Remix OS 1.5 ROM

Remix OS 2.0.305 ROM 


3. Unzip the downloaded zip file and go to the folder


4. Connect the Remix to the computer via USB.


5. Make sure the Fastboot binary is in your PATH OR that you place the recovery image in the same directory as Fastboot.


6. Open a terminal on your PC and reboot the device into Fastboot mode by typing adb reboot bootloader OR by using the hardware key combination (longpress the power button and the upper volume button simultaneously) for your device while it is powered off.


7. Once the device is in Fastboot mode, verify your PC sees the device by typing Fastboot devices

-If you don't see your device serial number, and instead see " ", Fastboot is not configured properly on your machine. 

-If you see "no permissions Fastboot", make sure your UDEV rules are setup correctly.


8. Clean the existing data by entering the following command:

fastboot -w


9. Flash images onto your device by entering the following three commands:

-fastboot flash system system.img
-fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
-fastboot flash boot boot.img


10. Once the flash completes successfully, run the following command to reboot the device into recovery to verify the installation.

-fastboot reboot




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