Remix OS 2.0.303

In this update, we've worked to significantly improve the battery life on your Remix Ultratablet along with some other optimization and fixes.

Device: Remix Ultratablet
Build Number: B2016051201
  • Improved battery life.
  • Fixed issue that didn't save video after recording.
  • Added more apps for download on Remix Central.
  • Increased the number of reminders when the battery is low.
  • Updated touch panel firmware.






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    I am seeing on average about 1% to 2% battery power drop for 1 hour of standby (Wi-Fi on). That is what I was getting before the upgrade version: 2.0.303. No other apps are running.     



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    Thomas Schmid

    Are the bugs like jutter for a split second (lags) fixed with this build?

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    5GHz WiFi and Miracast are both missing since 2.0 was introduced a while ago now. This was reported on the day of the upgrade. So far, no response or fix.

    When can we expect to get these two important features back?

    Many thanks.

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    Amora Rei

    5ghz wifi works just change your your router off of the DFS channels


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