Remix OS 2.0.305

Device: Remix Ultratablet 

Build Number: B2016061701

  • Support for Miracast.
  • Updated Remix Central.
  • Added Chrome Switcher.
  • Changed the default homepage of Chrome.
  • Fixed issue where dragging files between File Manager and external storage functioned as “Cut” instead of “Copy.
  • Fixed issue in Calculator app that caused “Enter” key to not work.
  • Fixed issue where app shortcuts couldn't be deleted after uninstalling certain apps.
  • Fixed issue that caused crashes when previewing MP3 files bug.


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    Hi , I just update to Remix OS 2.0.305 , but I still have the same problem as before constant restart , I did a reset after upgrade to 2.0.305, but did not update any app yet. 

    If there is a known issue for which app cause this , please let the user now, bacause I don't want to update every app on Google market if i don't have to.

    Special conditions:

    After restart , I did not update any app in google play store, I did turn off auto update a.s.a.p.

    below are photo of some time when it crash and restart by itself. (just example) , most of the time it restart even without doing anything. 


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