Remix OS for PC Update: 2.0.402


  • Fix: Screen-recording issue on Remix OS is fixed.
  • Fix: Some cases on applications not running are fixed.
  • Fix: The slowing down of the system when mounting hard disks is fixed.
  • New: Keyboard mapping for certain games has been added to allow users to play said games with keyboards.
  • New: Chrome is now pre-installed on Remix OS for PC.
  • New: Users can now stay on desktop mode using pre-installed Chrome Switcher.
  • New: “Low power” warnings have been added.
  • New: Now supports more H.265 video formats.
  • New: Now supports more ethernet cards.
  • New: Now supports more Realtek/Broadcom/MediaTek WiFi cards.
  • New: Mirrored output from DP, HDMI & VGA are now supported.
  • New: More NVIDIA graphics cards are supported with improved stability.
  • New: Scrolling and right-click on some trackpads are enabled.
  • Optimization: Video display quality is improved.
  • Optimization: System bootup time is improved.
  • Optimization: Thermal monitoring system is improved to avoid overheating.


System User Interface

  • Fix: The task bar disappearing on its own is fixed.
  • New: Remix OS default wallpaper is updated.
  • New: Remix OS boot up animation is updated.



  • Fix: Time inacurrancy on Windows when users switch back from Remix OS is fixed.
  • Optimization: Wi-Fi stability is improved.


App Compatibility

  • Fix: Users can now send out emails using Yahoo Mail.
  • Optimization: App compatibility is improved.


Remix Central

  • New: Game collection is added to Remix Central.
  • New: More apps have been added to Remix Central.



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    I've not paid too much attention to updates, sorry ...

    any word on allowing root access (e.g., ssh -l root)?


    Without that, Remix will remain a "no-go" for me.




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    "New: Users can now stay on desktop mode using pre-installed Chrome Switcher."

    Thumbs up Jide, great to hear that issue's finally solved!

    It's of crucial importance for a desktop operating system to have a desktop web browser.

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