[Hardware Installation-UEFI] Boot up Troubleshooting

Go to Boot Menu

> Choose ‘Remix OS’, press ‘e’


> Add ‘androidboot.swrast=1’ to the bottom line, press ‘F10’



Then, you will get into Remix OS soon.


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    Bruno Laranjeira

    Hopefully they'll fix this, its a pain having to do this everytime.

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    Nakul Garg

    It's not working after all commands it gets and stuck on blank black screen. Plz help

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    Nakul Garg

    Can u tell how much time does it takes?

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    Jacob Charles Coulson

    I did exactly what this said on my surface pro booting from a 64gb micro SD card (formatted exfat). After I pressed f10 it said:
    Booting a command list
    Error: no such device: /RemixOS/kernel.
    Error: file '/RemixOS/kernel' not found.
    Unaligned pointer 0xd64d3cd8
    Aborted. Press any key to exit.

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    Jacob Charles Coulson

    I found the solution in case anyone else was having the same issue. Uncheck all boxes when formatting your new partition on the hard drive.

    The one that caused this error was the quick format option. The other checkbox causes a different error. Just uncheck them both and it will work.

    Have a nice day :)

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    PACO San

    The installation does not pass the logo of "Remix OS". And Remix aintente with 32 bits and 64 bits, is the same.
    Any ideas?

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    max ink

    PACO San, it's possible that you need to be more patient. Mine also seemed to be stuck at the logo, but after some time it finally booted. 

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    António Almeida

    the bootcode worked fine for me (remix 64 bits installed in D: partition of an asus desktop pc m11b) but you must remember to edit the boot parameters every time you want to boot remix... what's the way of doing it permanently?

    (Tried editing the grub.cfg file in the efi partition and tried easyBCD, but no sucess...)

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    Ignacio Zafra

    I have an HP 810 G2 Revolve (i5-4200U with touchscreen), and I can't make RemixOS work in MicroSD.

    1. I have option (SD Card UEFI) in boot. Selecting it, it says format it's not correct.
    2. Browsing EFI, I browse to RemixOS.EFI and I get Grub with two options: Guess and Resident.. Either selection goes to a distorted screen...

    What's wrong with.. I think start in 2 is blocked because there is something.

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